Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

21 October 2020

If you are going to Russia and you have not booked the hotel yet, we have an irrecusable proposal for you - Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya.

Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya is an amazing place that has been designed by the Russian studio -Arch Group. The designers wanted to create a unique hostel in a 4- storey building near the Kremlin. In order to move away from the traditional look and scheme - they filled it with portable sleeping capsules. These portable sleeping modules can accommodate 1 or 2 people. Their minimalist furnishing meets all the standards. However there are no unnecessary things. There is a bed, a led lamp and sockets. Toilets and bathrooms, just like in most hostels, are located on each floor.

This "weird hostel" also has a reception desk, information desk and cabinets, where guests can store their personal belongings. However, if you suffer from claustrophobia and capsules seem to you too small - you can use a few standard rooms. We encourage you, however, to try sleepboxes. It will be enormous fun, thanks to which the memories of this trip will remain in your memory for a long time.