15 September 2019

Homemade dried tomatoes-recipe

It will take a week or two when those with the most beautiful, sunny flavour disappear completely. Lima tomatoes dried at home are a delicious alternative to chemically preser...

10 June 2019


Contrary to gluten free diet style, you should make yourself some seitan. This "Chinese meat" is a perfect proposition for vegetarians and vegans, because its clean... gluten.

4 June 2019

Springrolls with mango and kohlrabi

Light and refreshing recipe for a summertime dinner? You will need only a rice paper, a mango, a cucumber, a kohlrabi and a carrot to make your light, summer springrolls. This...

6 March 2019

Carrot jam

It has a beautiful, intense colour and surprising flavour. It can be the star of the summer breakfast and winter afternoon meal. New carrot jam can be made easily. Unfortunate...

23 February 2019

A vegan diet is also the healthiest for the environment!

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, appointed by the US government dieticians panel that helps in setting national dietary guidelines has issued a report recommending t...

15 January 2019

Nettle soup

Once it was one of the most often prepared soups in the pre-harvest period. Today it regains its popularity due to its health promoting properties. Nettle soup, prepared with ...

9 January 2019

Yeast flakes

There are some inconspicuous spices, which, at the first meeting, do not give you any plans and hope. But soon it turns out that you no longer know how to live without them. S...

25 August 2018

"Farmageddon. The real cost of cheap meat ".

"How feeding people all over the world, created with such good intentions can become so deteriorated?" Death of the country, a plague of diseases and billions of starving p...

15 August 2018

Vegan camping

More often technological progress allows for ethical camping in almost any conditions. Synthetic sleeping bags are as warm as those made from natural down. Now you can easily ...

Russian or from Bieszczady, with lentils or chickpeas - all vegetarian, vegan and handmade. These are the dumplings from Jasienica. They are on the market by an accident. Fort...

5 April 2018

Early vegetables - healthy or not?

Fresh, new, robust, colourful and fragrant - early vegetables. After the winter we dream about something light, healthy and fresh to eat. But are early vegetables always as he...

11 January 2018

Active Mondays and vegetarian Thursdays

Have you ever heard of the "meat-free Mondays" - it was started by Paul McCartney in 2009. For us, it was an inspiration to start a different pro-health action. The mission...

19 June 2017

It is time to start season of juices

Summer is approaching very fast. This year, spring weather has greeted us extremely early. It is time for spring cleaning and not just in the closet. Lets start from our menu.