1 | 2 | tree

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

14 December 2019

One , Two, ...Tree. Who do not count out the time to the Christmas tree. 1/2/Tree is a tree that can be sent instead of a Christmas Card.

1 /2 / Tree is a one piece of a cardboard, two simple steps to fold it and the effect is – a TREE! Self-assembling is not only ecological but also very nice. All you need to do is to remove it from the envelope, fold and decorate it as desired. Inside you will find a set of gold stickers – Christmas decorations.

1 / 2 / Tree was designed by Andrzej Budek – a famous polish logotype designer. Andrzej Budek with passion is looking for synthesis and visual essence. With 1 /2 /Tree, he began to explore unlimited possibilities for using a cardboard in everyday life. The goal of the designer was to use as little the amount of material as possible. So there is almost nothing more than Christmas tree on the card.

1 / 2/ Tree Christmas tree is 27 centimeters high. The size is 31 x 23 centimeters. It may be bought here