Bamboo - a way to have thick and thick hair

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

4 August 2020

Its hard to find a plant that is more multifunctional and has more applications than a bamboo does. This plant is used both in the construction and decoration of flats, as well as in the kitchen and cosmetics. It has been proven that the bamboo extract has a beneficial effect on the hair - thanks to it, they become more dense and thick, less fragile and stronger. Bamboo is a plant of many properties, which came to Europe from Asia. The bamboo can be used to make kitchen accessories, flooring, tabletops, furniture and finally – it can be added to food. In Asia, the bamboo symbolizes balance and well-being, and its young shoots and sprouts are added to many dishes. It has been proven that bamboo has anti-cancer properties.

Bamboo extract perfectly relaxes and hydrates the skin. The shoots of the plant are rich in many valuable components, such as silica, amino acids, minerals, vitamins. The delicate bamboo leaves contain antioxidant substances, which are used in anti-aging cosmetics oxygenating the skin. The bamboo extract has also an influence the condition of hair. Due to the large amounts of silica – it regenerates and strengthens damaged, weakened hair and gives them flexibility. A bamboo oil can give instant results, it gives hair a radiant, healthy glow. A few drops applied onto the hair will effectively protect them from mechanical injuries, made by combing or draping them.

Bamboo root extract is the richest, natural source of organic silicon resulting in strengthening, thickening and making hair dense. Bamboo leaves extract oxygenates the dormant bulbs, stimulating them to life and a faster hair growth. While, young bamboo shoots oil, thanks to a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, strengthens the core of the hair and protects them from damage.

The new line of hair care LBiotic BIOVAX Bamboo & Avocado oil is an intensively regenerating line of cosmetics based on a bamboo. The formula contains 3D Bamboo Protect complex, which restores and improves the hair structure, stimulates them to grow and cements damage over their entire length. During application, the bamboo extract reaches the most damaged areas of the hair, repairs it. As a result, the hair evenly regains a healthy glow, vitality and resilience, even in the ends. At the same time, healthy, strong, thick hair grows from well fed and oxygenated bulbs. BIOVAX cosmetics are suitable for allergy sufferers, they do not contain parabens, SLS, SLES, silicones or paraffin. The products of the brand are also not tested on animals.